1. Friends Prayer Fellowship

Friends Prayer Fellowship is formed in the year of 1999 and has been registered as a trust under the government of TamilNadu. The aim of this ministry is to reach the young people in schools, villages, towns and collleges through sunday schools, youth camps and other youth activities and also helps the local churches.

E-Mail : fpfindia@gmail.com

2. Global Christian HUB

The Global Christian HUB  serves among youth prayer cells and fellowships of YMA members around the world.
E-Mail : globalchristianhub@gmail.com

3. Fruits of Christ
Fruits of Christ Ministries serves in North India in Bihar Jharkhand, U.P and West Bengal States.The vision of our ministry is to preach the gospel to every one in villages, road sides, hospitals, schools, colleges and jails in this four states  and planting churches in villages and towns.  FOC has also vision to train the believers by planting Bible colleges, helping the poor and needy people and other sociel works. Your prayers and supports can help us more.

118-A, Threaspuram
Tuticorin Dist., TamilNadu
South India - 628 001
Mobile : +919994493683

E- Mail : foc@fruitsofchrist.com
web     : www.fruitsofchrist.com

4.Youth Ministries Association (YMA)

YMA - Youth Ministries Association is a network connets all youth prayer groups, ministries in cities, villages, work stations and all around the world each other. The primary aim of YMA is to make a way to help and share each other in the following fields in every country.

  • Making way to know each other
  • Coordinating the prayer points from all prayer groups and encourage praying for each other.
  • Receiving the current news and make others to participate in their program and special events like youth worship, youth camps.
  • Taking care on the ministry requirements.
  • Providing resource persons to equipping future leaders of the ministries.
  • Supporting each other in their meetings and events.
  • Sharing man power with each other.
  • Providing Job & Marriage consultations for Christian youth.
  • Social activities.
  • Planning and go ahead together during crisis.
  • YMA desire to coordinate the ministries through the YMA head offices, branch offices in every country. One of the ministries of the country leader will be appoint as a YMA head at their country.

There will be a head office in every country to coordinate and help the prayer groups associated with youth ministries association over there.
you are welcome to join with "Youth Mission Association"

"Come let us join our hands and fill this lands"

Are you leading a prayercell in your area?
Are you willing to start a new prayer group?

you are welcome to join with "Youth Mission Association"

to join with us kindly download the form in the below link and send through mail or post.


Youth Ministries Association

7/293, Mettu Street
Senthiampalam, Sawyerpuram P.O
Tuticorin Dist., TamilNadu
South India - 628 251

E-Mail : youthministriesassociation@gmail.com

Click here to join as a member in YMA
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